Friday, September 13, 2013

Fashion Show

I don't limit myself to one style of car, (cars on 20 inch rims being the exception) when I go to a car show. The "Kustom Scene" has become too cliquish in some ways. Hot Rod guys want it to be traditional, only old parts and old ways of building cars, which is kool because it got the trend away from Billet and pastels. Kustoms fall into too many categories to list, from traditional to period correct to mild, wild and everything in between. Everyone stays in their corner and doesn't take the time to get to know what the owner is all about, why he or she built what they built or what inspired them. To me the love of CARS is what we all share but you won't see that anymore. It has become a fucking fashion show with no mingling of ideas, no appreciation for the passion and dedication someone puts into their ride. Go talk to that hot rod guy, ask the Kustom guy what gave him the idea to use a certain part, ask the owner of that Lowrider how long did it take to build his ride. I get that you are into your own style I'm not against that just try to appreciate the beauty of theirs. Ok I will get off my soapbox. Have a good weekend and remember to DRIVE YOUR RIDE

Ventura Nationals 2013

Like I said before, this years show had a little of everything, Kustoms, Lowriders, Bikes and great weather, if you didnt get to go theres always next year

Friday, September 6, 2013

Ventura Nationals 2013

 Hot Rods always draw a crowd at any show
 Robbie from Supreme Seventies at the Boulevard Showcase
This years Ventura Nationals was a one day show, but it had everything. Hot Weather, Hot chicks and ya there was even cars. As usual we had a blast and can't wait for next year. Unfortunately it was too hot to take alot of pictures but I will post what I have,,,, stay tuned kids

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


 John Canepa's Truck took home 2 awards from the 2013 Ventura Nationals and could have taken more
 Subtle little touches made this truck stand out, and was surrounded at the show. Lucky for me he was staying at same hotel that I was so I was able to get these shots on Sunday morning before he left
 Even though the trend seems to be toward Candy paint or Glossy paint, this flat color made this truck look even better, at least I thought so
 Flawless bed that hid the notched frame and air set up
Nice latch set up for tailgate. Talking to John he said he wasn't really a fan of trucks but when he came across this truck he saw the possibilities in a nice Kustom truck. I think he nailed it and did it the best way. SIMPLE

Monday, August 26, 2013

Day In The Park

Been so busy with all these shows every weekend. I need to start posting more, have some ideas brewing that need to get done so I've been  neglecting  this blog. Primer Nationals is this weekend so I should have some good pictures from that.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Show Time

 LING LING & RK Kustoms Mustang
 Cesar Rosas' TBird so clean
 Dukes Truck, Chop was clean and roof was way kool
 Angels Riviera
 Nice Kustom El Camino

 Touch of Style showing strong

Mad Bomberz 5th annual car show Nipomo Regional Park. Beautiful day lots of cars good music, friends and  family what more do you need?? Big thank you to all that came out and supported a great cause-Fighting Cancer. FUCK CANCER!! The wife cleaned up on the raffle again and I even won a trophy . Thank You to Mad Bomberz CC for putting on great show every year, see you again next year


 A view of the rear air bag suspension in the trunk, no junk. All you can see is clean welds and a nice 2 link set up. Some of the air lines are in but need to be completed. Compressors and tank are on their way to new home
On the ground this car will ride low and smooth thanks to Bobby and Ben at Two Guys That Eat A Lot of Pizza Kustom Auto Haus. AKA Radford Kustoms