Friday, September 13, 2013

Fashion Show

I don't limit myself to one style of car, (cars on 20 inch rims being the exception) when I go to a car show. The "Kustom Scene" has become too cliquish in some ways. Hot Rod guys want it to be traditional, only old parts and old ways of building cars, which is kool because it got the trend away from Billet and pastels. Kustoms fall into too many categories to list, from traditional to period correct to mild, wild and everything in between. Everyone stays in their corner and doesn't take the time to get to know what the owner is all about, why he or she built what they built or what inspired them. To me the love of CARS is what we all share but you won't see that anymore. It has become a fucking fashion show with no mingling of ideas, no appreciation for the passion and dedication someone puts into their ride. Go talk to that hot rod guy, ask the Kustom guy what gave him the idea to use a certain part, ask the owner of that Lowrider how long did it take to build his ride. I get that you are into your own style I'm not against that just try to appreciate the beauty of theirs. Ok I will get off my soapbox. Have a good weekend and remember to DRIVE YOUR RIDE

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