Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Radford Kustoms Project

 This is Bozo Guerrero's car . Bozo passed away this past summer and passed the car down to his son Anthony. He has decided to do some upgrades to make it a more driver friendly ride. Its a reliable car now with a strong straight 6 and a re built 3-speed that gives the ride that perfect rap on the pipes. An original 1953 150 Chevrolet found for few bucks and a trailer ride
 This is a true barn find car. Yes believe it or not this was found in a barn that had not been opened since the 70's. The car and the contents of the barn had not been seen since the owner put it away and locked up the barn. The owner was one of the original families from Santa Maria, the Diaz family. The car was purchased used for 500 dollars back in the 70's. The bill of sale and other documents were found in the car. Bozo made the deal and started on a build that would take a few years, the end result is what you see here
 Green Flaked roof with a Hot Rod Flatz green body the car has the right color combo and stance
 Nice clean straight 6 that was rebuilt and still has plenty of power
The plans for the car are a new Mustang II front end, Air Ride suspension in front and  Air Ride equipped four link rear end. Upgraded motor and transmission are also going to be installed but Anthony isn't sure if it will all be done now. Radford Kustoms will be handling the fabrication work and motor upgrades. I will be following this build and tell the whole story behind this car
Stay Tuned,,,,,,

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