Tuesday, June 11, 2013

West Coast Kustoms 2013

 Simple patterned roof made this car stand out in a sea of shiny cars
 never been a fan of Brown paint jobs, but this Rivi wore it well
 Cant get enough of this car, the paint was flawless and reminded me of being a kid at car shows
Ive seen this car in most of its stages of kustomizing. From lowered in primer to metal work being done to finished in time for WCK. Amazing work and it won at WCK 2013. Well Sunday was relaxing at the show, walked around had a few conversations with some old friends and just enjoyed the last day gathering ideas for the build. I'm realizing that it is going to take a lot to get to where I want my car to be, until then as always  I will drive it till the wheels come off

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