Wednesday, March 30, 2011


 Longtime Guadalupe resident Clarence Minettie died from injuries suffered in a head on car crash. Minetti was an Icon in the area and a true gentleman. He owned and operated The Far Western Restaurant until recently turning over the operation to his children
I worked as a busboy at the Far Western when I was younger. That was the first job I had growing up and it paid well back in those days. We would make 20-30$ in tips a shift, plus your hourly wage. Made enough money to buy my first car -1961 VW and ended up fixing that car up, but that is another story. Clarence was a good man, always had a smile and a hello for everyone.He did alot of good for the community and for youth recreation in Guadalupe and the surrounding area. He was a nice boss as far as I remember and treated us good. The last time I saw him at the Far Western was about a year ago sitting at the bar having a drink, tequilla and water. He said hi and bought me and my lady a drink tipped his hat and out the door he went with his wife. I never got to tell him thanx for the drink cuz I didn' know he bought it for us until I paid my tab. Thanx Clarence, for the drink and for everything you did for the area in your lifetime.

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